Dear All,

Spring flowers are starting to bloom, and we have had many springlike days – so can spring really be just around the corner? I hope so! Tonight (Saturday, March 7th) is when we “Spring Forward” with our clocks before going to bed. Remember to set your clocks forward one hour and to also check your smoke detectors and fire alarms. Make sure if you have any of the old style that the batteries are still good. If you or anyone you know needs a fire alarm, please contact our local fire departments to get one. A working alarm can save lives.

Don’t forget those clocks that we may not pay attention to every day or the ones in your car that don’t change by themselves. Also, if you have lights that are on timers, both inside and out, it is a great time to adjust those accordingly as well. It will be continuing to stay light later and lights do not need to automatically come on as early as during the winter. Resetting timers will keep the lights from being on before needed and help in making your home look cared for and occupied.

As we all “Spring Forward” with our clocks tonight and check our smoke detectors/fire alarms, let’s all hope that spring really will be here soon!


Janice McHenry

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