Eagle Creek Park Update:

Dear Eagle Creek Park Neighborhoods,


Here is the latest information from Indy Parks about Eagle Creek Park as well as some other Indy Parks information.  I know that many of you have been wanting to know when vehicles will be allowed back into Eagle Creek Park.  That will happen on Thursday, May 21st. (This is a few days later than some information which went out yesterday.)   The gates will also be staffed again during the hours the park is open.  The Earth Discovery Center, Ornithology Center, and the Office will remain closed.


They are in the process of doing the much needed road repairs on the northern end of the park.  This is work that has been asked to be addressed for several years.  Glad we were able to get it on the list to be done this year.  While they are doing the work on this area there may be detours in the park, although hopefully most will be by Thursday.


Remember that all playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, and shelters are still closed until further notice.  Also, do not park in areas that have "No Parking" signs, along roadways, or in grassy areas.  Please maintain social distancing when using trails, in parking lots, etc.


Please share this information with others.  I will try to keep you updated if I hear anything else about Eagle Creek Park that would affect all of us.  If you hear anything, please share it with me as well.


Take care and be safe.




Janice McHenry

Eagle Creek Park Update:

Good afternoon. Indy Parks just received notification that our plan to allow vehicles access into Eagle Creek Park has been pushed back to Thursday, May 21. With the current road construction schedule and a few weather/rain delays, the crews will need a few extra days to complete the main parkway.

We apologize for any inconvenience especially as we recently announced plans to allow all vehicles access into the park. If anything changes with this plan, we will let you know as soon as possible.

The previous message has been adjusted as well to reflect this new update. Thank you.


Greetings. As we ease into May, we thank you for loving Eagle Creek Park (ECP) as much as we do. We really appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your families, and we take pride in knowing that all of us are doing our part to keep our parks and park spaces healthy and safe. Around the city, our meals program has served free meals to more than 42,000 children and families (since March 16). And, our staff continues to shine through virtual programs on fitness, nature and animals, safety tips, park tours, art exhibits, and so much more.
Eagle Creek Park Update:

  • On Thursday, May 21, ECP will begin allowing all vehicles access into the park, and the park’s gates will also be staffed for payment or membership card entry. The park will remain open daily from 7 a.m.-8:30 p.m. 
  • Indy Parks will reopen its four dog parks including ECP’s Gordon Gilmer Canine Companion Zone on Thursday as well.
  • The ECP Earth Discovery Center, Ornithology Center, and Administrative Office are still closed. 
  • Indy Parks previously announced the temporary closure of all family centers, playgrounds, basketball courts, indoor facilities, shelters, and tennis courts. To protect the health and safety of park users, closed and restricted amenities should not be used until further notice.
  • Currently, outdoor spaces and trails (except for the closed spaces) are still available for visitors to enjoy, but Indy Parks is asking residents to follow social distancing.

We are taking advantage of the nice weather to get caught up on some much-needed road repairs and tree work throughout ECP. As you visit the park over the next few weeks, you will notice strip-patching to the north end of the parkway and other minor repairs. Due to this work, there may be some temporary detours from 6200 to 6500 Eagle Creek Parkway and in other park areas. 
With temporary vehicle restrictions in place until Thursday, May 21, Indy Parks encourages you to avoid areas that are overcrowded and to always maintain proper physical distance from others (at least 6 feet).  If an area is too crowded, please come back at another time or find an alternate outdoor location to visit. Please note that the city’s parking guidelines are still in effect at ECP and throughout the city. We are encouraging residents to not park on the roadway, grass, and any non-designated parking area. Parking in prohibited areas could result in your vehicle being ticketed or towed by law enforcement officials.
If you plan to walk, hike, or bike to the park, please plan ahead and bring your drinking water, hand sanitizer, and anything else you will need to stay healthy and safe during your visit. 
To help limit the spread of the coronavirus, Indy Parks will continue to work with state, city, and health department officials to evaluate possible reopening dates for our services and amenities. Please visit parks.indy.gov for the latest news on open, closed, and restricted amenities.
Don’t forget to stay updated on our virtual programs featuring park naturalists, animals, and our beautiful park surroundings.
Thank you.

Indy Parks

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