Dear All,

I had truly hoped that by now we would be in a position that everyone would feel safe getting together for a group “Cleanup”.  While I know we would be outside, could social distance, and be below size limitations, I still feel that organizing a cleanup at this time is still not something everyone would feel comfortable doing.  As I was picking up trash Sunday (see picture) by the boat docks, I got to thinking – most meetings are being held virtually, how about a “Virtual Type Cleanup”?

I would like to propose that next Saturday, Sept. 26, is “Cleanup Day” in our area.  How about everyone goes out at 10:00 a.m. and work until 11:00 picking up at least one garbage bag of trash?  Then, let me know where you picked up and if you wish send me a picture or two.  Need some suggestions of places to start?  There is always a need around Eagle Creek Park which can include along 56th Street from the causeway to Lafayette Road, the causeway itself as well as the trail, up by the 71st Street entrance, Dandy Trail from 46th Street south to 38th Street, and Reed Road.  Those of you who live in Clermont and area, Tansel Road and Raceway Road can use some TLC.  Dandy Trail by the bridge over Eagle Creek and along the trail north of there as well as 34th Street needs work.  Bridges over I – 465 on 34th Street and 46th Street seem to get cleaned often, but it doesn’t take long for them to need it again.  I could name lots of other areas, but most of you know where they are so choose where you would like to make a difference.

Can’t help on Saturday?  Pick another time this week or over the weekend.  The weather has been great to be outside so let’s focus on enjoying being outdoors and helping get the litter cleaned up in our area.  Hope you will “join” me in sprucing up the area before the leaves fall and make it harder to pick up the trash.  Please let me know what you accomplish!


Janice McHenry



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