Dear All,

I have been asked by many of you where you can vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.  While most of the regular voting locations are still ones you may still vote, we have lost quite a few in our area this year that were ones so many of you have voted at for years.  Remember, you may vote at any location in Marion County now, you no longer have to vote at any particular location.  I have listed all the ones that we normally have voted at in our area – both Wayne Township (including Speedway) and Pike Township.  If you do not see the location you have voted in the past that is in our area, it is probably not a location this year.  Please pick another location that is close to you.  Hope that this is helpful to many of you.  I would like to encourage you to share this information with others in your neighborhood or our area.  If you are interested in additional polling locations near you go to:  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate asking me.


Janice McHenry

Wayne Township Polling Locations Near Us

  • Ben Davis High School – 1200 N. Girls School Road
  • IPS Clarence Farrington School #61- 4326 Patricia Street
  • IPS Northwest Middle School – 5525 W. 34th Street
  • John Knox Presbyterian Church – 3000 N. High School Road
  • Lions Club Park – 3201 Tansel Road
  • North Wayne Elementary School – 6950 W. 34th Street
  • Speedway High School – 5357 W. 25th Street
  • Speedway Town Hall – 1450 N. Lynhurst Drive
  • Wayne Township Fire Dept. Station #85 – 7981 W. Crawfordsville Road
  • Westside Church of the Nazarene – 8610 W. 10th Street

Pike Township Polling Locations Near Us

  • Eagle Creek Elementary School – 6905 W. 46th Street
  • Eagle Creek Golf Training Building – 8802 W. 56th Street
  • Oaks of Eagle Creek Apartments – 5483 Holly Springs Drive W.
  • Pike Township Fire Station #62 – 7002 Lafayette Road

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