Dear All,

Just a reminder that this coming week (Nov. 30th – Dec. 4th) is the last week you can put up to 40 bags of leaves out separate from your regular trash to be picked up. After December 4th all leaves will need to be bagged and fit into your regular trash container. With the beautiful weather this weekend, it is a great time to finish up raking leaves and putting them out for the separate Leaf Collection.

Please make sure that sidewalks, curbs, and the drain grates are clear of leaves and other debris as well. This is important for safety as we start to get freezing temperatures. Freezing leaves could get slick or if they block a storm drain water can back up causing flooding and slick spots. Don’t forget to continue to check drains often as stray leaves and other debris washes over them when it rains.


Janice McHenry


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