June Crime Report


Dear All,

Attached is the June Crime Report for District 6.  While it is down a little from last month, it is still a huge spike since the first 4 months of the year.  Please pay attention to your neighborhood and the neighborhoods close to you.  Remember, if you see something that does not look right to you – call 911.

I know you are probably tired of hearing me say this, but make sure you keep your car doors locked and nothing of value in the car!  I have noticed a lot more businesses posting this type of reminder in their parking lots lately as well.  And do report vehicle larcenies.  I have several neighborhoods that have told me they have had break-ins, but the people didn’t report it as nothing was stolen or they didn’t report it because they had left their car unlocked.  This doesn’t do anyone any good.  The police do look for patterns, etc. so they can hopefully find out who is responsible.  It also gives them an idea of where they may want to do an extra patrol.  So report vehicle larcenies, other crimes, or suspicious activity.  Call 911 if you suspect something.  If it is obvious that it happened quite a while ago and you do not feel the people who did it are still in the neighborhood, call the non-emergency number at 327-6000.  We all need to work together to make our neighborhoods safer for everyone.

Don’t forget that National Night Out Against Crime is coming up a week from today, Aug. 2nd.  I have heard from several neighborhoods already about their events.  If your neighborhood is planning some sort of get-together for National Night Out Against Crime, please register it with our Northwest District IMPD Crime Watch Specialist, Diane Moorman.  Her phone number is 327-6572 and her email address is diane.moorman@indy.gov.  Remember that you do need to be registered with her if you would like some police officers and others to stop by, introduce themselves, and say “Hi!”.  Our Northwest District usually has more National Night Out Against Crime events that any of the other districts, so it is important to get your event registered and on their list.

Let’s work hard to keep crime from happening in an area and to drive out the crime that is happening.  Take precautions to keep from becoming a victim of a crime.  Call 911 if something does not seem right to you.  Remember, if you see something, say something – Call 911.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

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