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CCC-CrimeInformationAccessDear All,

Many of you have asked how you can access Crime Data for an area outside of District 6, or wanted data before I get our monthly report.  Also, for those of you who will be in the new District 6 starting in 2016, you may not be in the current District 6, so I don’t have information provided to me for your neighborhood.   I have attached from IMPD how you can get information for any area in Marion County that you are interested in.  I do hope that this is helpful for those of you who want information that is not on the map I send out or want some information before I receive the monthly report.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

P.S.  This was passed out at an HOA Meeting that I attended last week by the Northwest District IMPD Officer that was also in attendance.  If you would like someone from IMPD to come and talk at your HOA Meeting, contact Diane Moorman at or call her at 327-6572.  If you would like for me to attend your meeting, please let me know either by email ( or phone – 298-5285.  I would be glad to come give an update on what is going on in the City or listen and learn more about your neighborhood.

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