Dear All, Santa has already left the North Pole and is working his way around the world delivering presents to good little boys and girls.  There is still a “Child in all of us”.  Since this information was first forwarded to me several years ago I have been sharing it with all of you on […]


Dear All, This summer it seemed that everywhere we wanted to go there was construction, detours, and delays. While it was definitely frustrating when you wanted to go someplace and you had to take a different route or you were slowed or stopped in traffic, the end results hopefully will be worth it. Our Indiana […]


Dear All, As temperatures vary from day to day and our winter months begin, I thought this was a great article to share from the Department of Natural Resources about ice.  Many of us have retention ponds or other bodies of water in our neighborhoods or have creeks or streams close to our homes.  Please […]

DPW Snow

Dear All, It is getting that time of year – when we start thinking about snow and ice.  Please see below for information from DPW about not only this weekend, but also information that is useful throughout the season and for tree debris or high water problems all year long.   I would also like […]