Clean-Up Pix

There have been many organized cleanups in District 6 since April 12th, and certainly would like to thank once again everyone who has been participating in them or going out on your own and picking up an area.  This truly does make a difference, even though thoughtless people continue to litter.  The first one after […]


Happy 243rd Birthday America!!!! Hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day!!!! Pause a moment and take the time to remember this great day in history where our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and a great nation was born.  Please remember all of those who have sacrificed in so many ways from […]


Dear All, With the holiday weekend for our Nation’s Birthday here, we decided it may be a good time to do our next Cleanup.  We will be picking up along 56th Street in both directions from Reed Road and along Reed Road on Friday, July 5th, starting at 9 a.m. and working until 10:30 a.m.  […]

Clean Up

Even with the rainy weather, several volunteers did show up and helped clean up an area along 56th Street and Reed Road in May before the NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships.  Councillor McHenry and a volunteer get ready to start gathering trash.  Councillor Janice McHenry would like to encourage everyone to take a small bag with […]

July 4 Safety

Dear All, Below are two important pieces of information that many of you may be interested in.  The first has to do with the use of fireworks.  This includes the days and hours that the use of fireworks are permissible in Marion County.  There are Safety Tips included as well. The second piece of information […]

Indy Council Survey

Dear All, The online survey designed to capture residents’ awareness of and attitudes about the Council is being held open until Friday, June 28th, to ensure all residents have the opportunity to participate.  You may access this survey by going to: If you have not already taken the survey and wish to participate, please do […]