We had 92 incidents this month

Dear All,

Being optimistic about this year, as it started off with so many fewer incidents, when looking over last month’s report was another story.  We had 92 incidents this month, the most since last September.  While schools were on spring break and the weather was nice so much of the time – it is very disappointing that this large jump occurred.  For the first three months of the year, we are still down from that period last year, but we need to get that monthly amount back down significantly.

There are things we can all do to help bring this number back down.  If I counted correctly 32 of the incidents were stolen vehicles, vehicle larceny, or larceny.  That is approximately 1/3 of the total!  These are the ones we can help keep from happening.  I know that you have read these tips many times, but I do want to keep repeating them as they are ways to help prevent you from being a victim.

1.)  Always lock your car.  This means in your driveway, when visiting someone, at the store, at work, in church, and at the park.  Always keep your vehicle locked.

2.)  Never leave anything of value in your vehicle.  Don’t leave packages, coats, bags, and especially don’t leave computers or other electronic devices.  Even if it is a plastic bag with nothing in it, a thief sees it and in a few seconds has broken a window, got in and left.  He is not taking time to analyze what he is taking.

3.)  Don’t leave your car running or start your car when you are not in it.  Make sure your keys are always with you (and also your garage door opener).

4.)  Don’t leave anything of value outdoors.  This means bikes, lawn mowers, tools, or other things that can just “walk away” or be quickly thrown into a trunk, backseat, or truck.  During this nice weather when we are all working on our yards it is easy to go inside for a few minutes and leave things where we are working.  Again, it only takes a few seconds for someone to grab something and take off.  Put things in the garage and close the door or keep things completely out of site, even if you will be right back.

5.)  Keep your garage door closed at all times when you are not in the garage or driveway.  If you cannot see your garage door from where you are, someone who is watching your house knows it.  Again, it only takes a few seconds to grab something and be gone.

6.)  Make sure your doors to your home are always locked.  You don’t want an uninvited guest coming in while you are in the back yard, another part of the house, etc.

The most important thing is if something does not seem right to you – you see something suspicious or hear something not normal, call 911.  Do not hesitate calling 911 if you see something that does not seem right.  Let the police come out and check it out.  You may help them in catching a criminal or preventing something from happening in the first place.

Hopefully by being aware of your surroundings, following safety tips, and calling 911 if something is happening, now we can bring the numbers back down and make sure our neighborhoods are a safe place to be.


Janice McHenry

City-County Councillor District 6



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