Dear All,

There are a lot of really great programs at our various Indy Parks.  I would like to make you aware of two of them.  The first is “Bug Fest 2016”, which is taking place at Southeastway Park this coming Sunday, August 28th, from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Information about it is attached – so please check it out.  This would be a great program for children, especially those who are interested in science and insects.  Maybe this is something that they are even studying in school right now.

The information below lists the many terrific Art Classes that will be taking place starting September 1st and going throughout the fall for all ages at Garfield Park’s Art Center.  There are a wide variety of classes offered and their Arts Center is really a nice building for this type of activity.

While these may take a little driving to get to them, I think think they would be worth the trip.  Unfortunately, not every park can offer every program.  Some parks’ buildings, facilities, or grounds lend themselves to certain types of programing more than others.  Getting to know different parks and what they have to offer can be exciting.  Hope that if the “Bug Fest” or any of the classes are of interest to you and your family that you will take the drive and enjoy!

Please feel free to pass this information on to others, even those who live outside our area as this is for all of our Marion County Residents.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6 

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