At Councillor McHenry’s recent Town Hall Meeting, City Controller Matt Kimmick did a presentation on the proposed 2016 City/County Budget.  Those in attendance listed attentively and asked many good questions.

Part of the presentation was a power point to help illustrate some of the important items that help make up the budget for  Indianapolis.

The camera caught Councillor Janice McHenry listening to what those in attendance had to say.

 After the meeting a couple of constituents talked more with Councillor Janice McHenry and City Controller Kimmick.


On September 15th the League of Women Voters had a Candidate Forum for 5 districts that are on the west side of Indianapolis

.lw1  After the Forum, Councillor/Candidate Janice McHenry and Candidate Remington O’Guin smile for the camera.  Four of the six candidates in attendance and two of the women from the League of Women Voters posed for the camera.lw2  Back row:  Councillor/Candidate Jeff Miller, two of the League of Women Voters  members who helped put this forum on.  Front Row:  Councillor/Candidate Janice McHenry, Candidate Remington O’Guin, and Councillor/Candidate Marilyn Pfisterer.


With a rainy start to Saturday, the skies cleared in time for the Clermont 2015 Festival Parade.  Councillor Janice McHenry and the group who walked with her line up for a group picture as they wait for the parade to begin. And they are off, heading toward the parade route!
Councillor McHenry hands a flag to a spectator along the flag route.
By the end of the parade route, everyone who was watching the parade had the opportunity to be waving a flag.



On September 15th the West Side Chamber of Commerce held a business after-hours event at the Grand Hall at Westlake Gardens.  Posing by the sign are Councillor Janice McHenry and David Shank, both very active members of the West Side Chamber of Commerce.