Faculty Park

– A huge THANKS goes out to the volunteers from Salesforce and KIB (Keep Indianapolis Beautiful) for their recent work with planting trees and spreading mulch at Faculty Park.  When they arrived that morning there were flags showing where the trees were to be planted.  Teams worked on moving the trees to the locations, digging […]


Trees had been placed by KIB the day before, they were ready to be planted, but then came the rains.  Would the volunteers come out and help get the trees in the ground?  Yes!  A large group of all ages showed up ready to learn to properly plant a tree and get the job done. […]

Robey Park

Another project during the rainy day was spreading mulch on the playground at Robey Park.  The big dent was made in the huge pile of mulch as wheelbarrows were loaded.   One young lady worked very hard with her rake to spread the mulch so it would make the playground a nicer place for children […]

 Donald Davidson, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Historian

 Donald Davidson, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Historian, held the interest of the audience with his knowledge, stories, facts, and figures about the “500” and racing during Councillor Janice McHenry’s recent Town Hall Meeting. Speedway 1948 – Councillor McHenry found a picture her parents had taken in 1948 of the Pagoda.  Showing the picture to Mr. Davidson […]

“Visit Indiana”

  Dear All, As the State celebrates “Visit Indiana” there are special themes for each day and different opportunities throughout this week for your enjoyment.  Even if you cannot take advantage of what is going on each day, this may give you ideas for things to do to discover and learn more about Indiana in […]