Dear All,

I am excited that the next Northwest District IMPD “Coffee With a Cop” is going to be taking place in our District 6!  It is being held on Wednesday, October 5th, from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. at the Burger King Restaurant located 8310 W. 10th Street (northwest corner of 10th Street and Country Club Road).  This is a terrific opportunity for you to come out and meet many of the Northwest District Officers that protect us on a daily basis.  It is also a chance to meet and get to know our new Commander, Michael Jefferson.  So come out and join them for “Coffee and Conversation” and let’s show our officers how much we appreciate them!

See the attached flyer for more details.  Please help spread the word by sharing this with others in your neighborhood and our district who may not be receiving this from me.  Hope to see many of you there!


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

pikeDear All,

Attached is the flyer for the IMPD Northwest District and Pike Fire Department Community/Safety Day.  It is being held on Saturday, October 1st from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.  This year it is going to be at the Colt’s Complex located  7001 W. 56th Street (on the south side of 56th Street across from Eagle Creek Park).  Most of the parking will be in the soccer complex (corner of Reed Road and 56th Street) with shuttle bus
service to and from the event.  Check out the flyer for more details.

While only those of you who live in Pike Township are in Pike Fire Department’s area – all of you are in IMPD’s Northwest District.  Come out and show support for our IMPD Northwest District and Pike Fire.

Hope to see many of you there with your “Spirit Wear” on!


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

Dear All,

The end of Voter Registration for the November 8th election is quickly approaching.  If you or anyone in your household needs to register or re-register, the form is attached.  Or if you have a new neighbor or know of someone who has moved, please share this form.  Remember, if you have a new address or have changed your name, you need to re-register.  If someone in your house has turned 18, they can register, if they have not already.

The deadline for registrations to be in is October 11th, but I would have any in by October 1st to avoid last minute confusion or if something in not complete.  Read over the top section carefully and make sure that the form is filled out completely and signed in blue or black ink.  Also, note about proof of residence.

Mail the form directly to the Marion County Board of Voter Registration.  This address is on the second page of the form.  This does list all 92 Counties, so if you know of someone outside of Marion County, they can use the same form, but send to their County.  For everyone in Marion County please send your form to:

Marion County Board of Voter Registration
200 E. Washington Street W131
Indianapolis, IN  46204 

If you have any questions for them, their phone number is 327-5040.

Don’t forget, if you need to register or re-register the deadline is getting closer.  Take time to fill out the form and mail it in today!


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

vote vote2


Dear All,

Starting October 15th everyone in the 317 area code will need to be dialed using all 10 digits.  This was originally scheduled to start the end of this week, but it was extended for the additional month.  You may start using the 10 digits, and have been able to during the last 6 months, but starting October 15th it will be mandatory.  Please see the attached flyer for more details.  Also, there is a link below to go to the website that has a lot of additional information.  I did want to share this with you this week since there was some confusion as to when we have to dial the area code and the phone number for the call to go through.

This change is necessary due to the fact they are running out of numbers to use with 317 and our area will have another area code (463) in it.  We will all keep our numbers, but new numbers will be issued using the new area code in the future.

While I know this will be an adjustment for all of us, I did want everyone to be aware of the information, if you were not already.  Please share this information with not only your friends and neighbors in District 6, but also anyone who lives in the 317 area code.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6 

——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: RE: 10-Digit Dialing Now Underway in the 317 Area Code
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 14:47:17 +0000
From: Swinger, Anthony <>

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Dear Councilors:


To follow up and give you an update, the deadline for mandatory 10-digit dialing in the 317 area code has been extended to October 15.


The attached flyer covers the basics, and we have more details on our website at


We’d be very appreciative if you could share this info with your constituents. If you have any questions, please let us know.



Anthony Swinger

Director of External Affairs

Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor

115 W. Washington St., Suite 1500 South

Indianapolis, IN 46204


(317) 233-2747





Our Mission: To represent all Indiana consumers to ensure quality, reliable utility services at the most reasonable prices possible through dedicated advocacy, consumer education and creative problem solving.

Dear All,

Attached is our monthly District 6 Crime Report for the month of August.  With 90 incidents that means we had over 40 less incidents this month that we had during May (148), June (132), and July (133).  I am hoping that the biggest reason for this number coming back down is that everyone is being much more aware of their surroundings and taking precautionary measures at home and with their vehicles.  Unfortunately, we seem to peak during the summer months when school is out and the weather is nice.  As you look over the map, please note your area and that close by you.  Think about if there is anything you can do to make your neighborhood safer, or keep it from getting more incidents than what is occurring:  Do you have a crime watch?  Do you talk about things to make your neighborhood safer at your HOA or other neighborhood meetings?  Do you do what you can to make yourself less likely to be a victim of a crime?  Do you report things that don’t look right to you to 911?

Last month I shared a couple of emails I had received from some victims of crimes.  This month I had some others share their stories with me as well, and I appreciate those who have shared.  I am not going to print them this month, but may do so again in the future.

Just a reminder – if you notice something in your neighborhood, in the park, at a store, in a parking lot, etc. that does not look right to you, report it!  Call 911 when you think something may be happening or something is suspicious.  By calling 911 you may help prevent something from happening or help get a criminal caught in the act.  Never hesitate in calling 911.  No matter where you are – If you see something, say something!  Call 911.

We can all help make District 6 a safer place to live, work, and play by working together, using good common sense, and taking precautions to make ourselves safer, and by calling 911 when something does not look right to you.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6



Dear Republic Trash Service Customers,

Late last week I found out that Republic Services are having a new schedule starting Monday, September 12th.  From what I was told, about 60% of Republic’s Customers will have a new Trash Pickup date.  The only part of my Council District that this affects is those of you who live south of 21st Street.  I requested a map showing the areas and the changes, which is attached.  PLEASE share this information with others that this may affect.  The map does show all of Marion County and the changes.

In my Council District the area affected is in Republic’s District #10 and your trash pick up day will be on MONDAY.  Please make a note of that and make sure you have your trash out this coming Monday, September 12th.  If you have any questions about your new pickup date you may visit the Indianapolis Government Profile site on or after September 12th to check your service dates.  You may also call the Mayor’s Action Center at 327-4MAC (327-4622) or Republic Services at 917-7300.

Again, please share this information with others who will be affected.  I was told that everyone was contacted by mail the last 30 days, but we all know that sometimes that gets set aside and a reminder is most appreciated.  Please help get the word out to Republic Trash Service Customers.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6


Dear All,

I wanted to share this with all of you as this is a great opportunity to hear some terrific Jazz Music as well as help support the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programing at Pike High School.  Hopefully many of you music lovers (especially Jazz) will be able to attend and support the Pike Township School System.  Please feel free to forward this on to others who may be interested as well.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6


Bring your own chair or reserve a VIP table
to enjoy this outdoor jazz concert!

Saturday — September 10, 2016
Gates open at 4 pm
Food Served Starting at 4:15 pm

Great Jazz Sounds begin at 4:30 pm

Rain or Shine!  
If rain, concert will be moved to the Pike Freshman Center Cafeteria

Enjoy the sounds of….

Rick Mitchell
The Jerrell Smith Project
Rob Dixon
Anthony Winfrey, Tiana Williams & Elijah Rucker with Shalon Robinson and the Central Jammers

Individual tickets are $20 and include a delicious Cajun dinner.

VIP Tables are $150 each and seat 6.  VIP tables include dinner and table service (wonderful Pike Students will serve you your dinner)

100% of the Proceeds will benefit the MSD of Pike Township’s STEAM Initiative
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

Ticket includes Great Music
 and a Wonderful Cajun Dinner – $20 Each

VIP Tables, which seat 6 and include dinner service, are available for $150.

Please contact the Administrative Services Center, at 317-387-2219 during normal business hours for more information.

Metropolitan School District of Pike Township
6901 Zionsville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Pike Township Schools 

Highlights for the 2016-2017 School Year

  • Opening the newly renovated Eagle Creek Elementary School
  • Expanding Pike’s Career/STEM course offerings
  • Celebrating the Achievement of our students in the Class of 2016 and their 93% graduation rate
  • Hiring several outstanding staff to teach and support our students
  • Expand the Aquatics program offerings
  • Finalizing plans for our new Student Clinic partnership with St. Vincent
  • Presenting:  “Jazz on the Green”
  • Implementing our comprehensive Technology Plan
  • Beginning the process for developing a new Strategic Plan

Please join us in supporting our students and our future!


Pike Performing Arts Center uses Vendini for ticketing, marketing, and box office management.

Pike Performing Arts Center – 6701 Zionsville Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46268, (317) 216-5450
Vendini, Inc. – 660 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94104, 1 (800) 901-7173

Dear All,

Please see below for the annual Wayne Township Safety Celebration that will be taking place next Saturday, September 10th from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the Sam’s Club Parking Lot on Rockville Road.  This is a lot of fun for the entire family, as children love to see the fire trucks up close and participate in some of the activities that will be set up.  Fire and other safety is very important to all of us, and what better time to learn more.  Hope to see you there and please share this flyer with others!


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6


Andy Harris

Wayne Township Fire Department &
Emergency Assistance
5401 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
Cell: 317-313-9450


Dear All,

I just received this information late yesterday.  I am not sure if anyone in District 6 had major storm damage last week, but if so – please read the information below how you can get your storm related limbs, etc. picked up.  Note – you MUST call into the Mayor’s Action Center and ask for it to be picked up.  Even if you neighbor has called in for theirs, you need to call in as well.  Each pickup place needs to be called in.  They are also only accepting these call through tomorrow (Friday, September 2nd).  Please let your friends and neighbors who may need storm related debris picked up know this as well.

For everyone – due to Labor Day trash pick up will be pushed back one day next week.  There will be no pickup on Monday, but will start their routes on Tuesday and run through Saturday.  Those of you who have your own recycling, you should be on your normal day.

Have a great weekend!  From the weather forecast it looks to be a sunny, summer weekend!  Let’s hope they are right – and enjoy!


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

DPW Crews Conduct Storm Debris Pick up after Weekend Storms

INDIANAPOLIS –The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) is conducting storm debris collection in response to the extraordinary storms last weekend. Beginning tomorrow morning, 11 DPW crews will begin picking up household storm debris and will work throughout the week to collect those items in addition to regular solid waste pickup.

Crews will pick up debris and limbs, which should be placed in bundles at the curb away from roadways and sidewalks. Trees that are chopped into sections will be hauled away when placed at the curb as well.

Citizens are asked to separate limbs, branches and brush from household storm debris, such as wet carpet and other weather-damaged items.

DPW is asking residents to contact the Mayor’s Action Center at (317) 327-4622 to report debris which can be picked up and to report any fallen trees or storm debris within the public right-of-way. Reports for storm debris pickup will be accepted until Friday, September 2, 2016. Pickups will be conducted within a week of the reports.

Keep storm debris separate from regular, bagged trash. In addition, the city would also like to remind residents to check their storm drains as the summer season brings rainier weather patterns and chances for more storms. Clogged storm inlets can lead to numerous problems and can block proper water flow. This results in drainage problems, flooded streets and dangerous driving conditions.



Upcoming Holiday Trash Schedule

INDIANAPOLIS –The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) would like to remind all Marion County residents that curbside recycling, residential and heavy trash will operate on a slide schedule next week in observance of Labor Day on Monday, September 5.

There will be NO residential trash, heavy trash or curbside recycling service on Monday, September 5. All routes will operate on a slide schedule. Services for the week will be delayed by one day through Saturday, September 10th.  All services will return to normal schedules Monday, September 12.

For more information or to report any trash-related issues, please use the RequestIndy mobile app on your smart phone or online, visit or call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4MAC.