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Believe it or not – it is time to think about going “Back to School”!  This should be an exciting time for boys and girls:  a new grade, different teacher, seeing old and new classmates, getting ready to learn new things, and new school supplies.  However, some students’ parents have trouble buying those supplies that are so important to get off to a good start.  Up until last year I purchased a lot of supplies myself (shopping the sales did help!) and donated them to the schools that were actually in my district.  When the district changed last year, I ended up with several more schools as well as a couple that students from my district attend.  This project became monumental and in order to really make a difference for each school, I would like to ask your help.  Would you help me to brighten a child’s day and help them get the supplies they need?  I have asked Brittany Davis, our Eagle Creek Park Manager, if we could collect supplies at Eagle Creek Park.  We will be collecting school supplies through the first of August at both gates (56th Street and 71st Street) as well as the Earth Discovery Center at Eagle Creek Park and these then will be given to local schools to be distributed to some of the students who have the most need.  You do not have to go into the park to drop off supplies.  If you are not visiting the park, just drop off the supplies with the attendant at the gate and then turn around and leave.  Next time you are in a store, pick up an item or two and bring to the park.  The school supply sales are starting and everyone has out there school items in pretty prominent spots.  With your help we can get a boy or girl off to a better start for the new school year!

Please feel free to forward this information on to others.  You do not have to live in District 6 to participate.  More information is below.  By working together we can make a big difference in a child getting the supplies they need for the best learning possible as well as bring a smile to their faces when they have those supplies to use!     

School Supply Drop Off Sights:

Eagle Creek Park
At the Gate Houses and Earth Discovery Center
May drop off at the Gate Houses on 56th Street and 71st Street – 
you do not have to go into the park to drop off supplies.
Gate houses are open from early morning until 9:00 p.m.

Supplies Needed:
Boxes of crayons (24 or less), pencils, school glue, glue sticks, pens, folders, notebooks, school scissors,
highlighters, boxes of markers (fine and thick), colored pencils, and other supplies.  Many stores have lists
of what is required at different grades and different schools.

School Supplies


Please donate

School Supplies

at Eagle Creek Park!


Councillor Janice McHenry, the staff at the various schools, and the students who these will benefit:


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