City -County Building: Remembering Mayor Lugar


As Richard Lugar was laid to his final resting place in Arlington National Cemetery recently, we will all remember him in the future with the Richard G. Lugar Plaza at the City-County Building.  This all began in the fall of 2017 when there was a ceremony to honor Richard G. Lugar for 50 Years of Service,

 and all of our previous living Mayors and our current Mayor participated in unveiling the plans for what was to become the Richard G. Lugar Plaza on the south side of the City-County Building.

 After months of watching work going on and waiting the day finally arrived for the Plaza to be reopened.  Speeches were given, and the honoree was an important part of the program.


 Then the moment that everyone was waiting for – cutting the ribbon to officially open the Richard G. Lugar Plaza.

There were things to do outside and Honorable Richard G. Lugar had fun testing things out with others.

 A fountain that changes.


Swings – Some really relaxing adult size swings.

#8591 –  Councillor McHenry and the Honorable Richard G. Lugar have their picture taken at the dedication of the Plaza.

#1426 – The plaza is a great way to say thanks to a great statesman for all of his years of service to our City, State, and our Country.  When he passed away earlier this year people gathered at the Lugar Plaza once again, this time to lay a wreath.  We will remember him for his work at the local level as well as for Indiana and our great Nation.



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