Tree planting




And then the tree planting began.



The Indy Eleven Soccer Team purchased 36 of the trees that were planted, representing the number of goals they scored in 2015.  Several of the team as well as friends of the Indy Eleven came out to volunteer planting the trees as well. 


Councillor McHenry is working on planting a tree.


After the trees are in the ground they need mulch put around them. 


And the containers, wrapping, and other items need to be taken back to the trucks to be taken back to KIB.  Councillor McHenry is helping with the cleanup.


Some students from Butler University participated.  After the trees were planted they had a little bit of “fall fun” for the camera.


And one of the finished products!  The KIB Youth Tree Team  put stakes and fencing around all the trees to protect them from nibbling deer.  Everyone hopes that the trees flourish and that they will grow for many future generations.

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