Marion County Vote Centers.

Dear All,

I know many of you have voted the same location for years and are use to going to that polling place.  Many of our polling locations that we are use to voting at are no longer a polling location.  I wanted everyone to be aware of the locations that are closest to most of you who are on my email list or get information from me in other ways.  Listed below are the ones that I found closest to many of you.  You many have noticed yours is not listed any longer.  Remember, you may vote at any vote center in Marion County.  If you would like to check out a full list of polling locations in Marion County go to:  Marion County Vote Centers.

Outside I – 465:

  • Eagle Creek Golf Center – 8802 W. 56th Street
  • Eagle Creek Elementary – 6905 W. 46th Street
  • North Wayne Elementary School – 6950 W. 34th Street
  • Wayne Fire Station #85 – 7981 W. Crawfordsville Road
  • Lions Club Park – 3201 Tansel Road
  • Ben Davis High School – 1200 N. Girls School Road (in the past this has been in the athletic building on the north side and west of the high school)
  • Westside Church – 8610 W. 10th Street

Inside I – 465:

  • Speedway Municipal Center – 5300 Crawfordsville Road
  • Speedway High School – 5357 W. 25th Street
  • John Knox Presbyterian Church – 3000 N. High School Road
  • IPS Clarence Farrington Elementary School #61 – 4326 Patricia Street
  • IPS Northwest Middle School – 5525 W. 34th Street
  • Eagle Creek Community Church – 5943 Lafayette Road
  • Pike Fire Station #62 – 7002 Lafayette Road

I hope that this is helpful to many of you.  Remember the polls are open 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3rd.  Please get out and vote!


Janice McHenry

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