Veterans Day

Today, November 11th, is Veterans Day
I want to take this opportunity to say:


to all of you who have served our great

It is because of you we have the freedoms and
rights that we all enjoy.
So many others around the world have
benefited from you being there to help them as well.

Thanks again for all you did to protect us and preserve
our freedoms! It is certainly appreciated.

To all the families of our Veterans, thanks to you, too.
You have also given a lot and we are grateful to you as well.

When you go out and about, not only today or even this week,
but any time, and you see a man or a woman who is in uniform
or you know is a Veteran, take time to say:
“Thanks for Serving Our Country”.
For those of you who are not a Veteran yourself, but you have
relatives or friends that are, would you please help thank them for me.
What they have done for us is very much appreciated.


Janice McHenry

P.S. Many of you are like me and enjoy history and facts. Please take time to read the famous, very meaningful poem.

In 1918 on November 11th at 11 a.m. “The Great War” ended, that is what we know today as World War I.
Veterans Day started out as Armistice Day in 1919 when Woodrow Wilson was President. In 1954 it was changed to Veterans Day, a day to honor all American Veterans, wherever and whenever they served.
While those that would really remember WWI are no longer with us, and we are quickly losing those who served in WWII,
let us not forget those who have gone before us in all wars and conflicts and served honorably.



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