Councillor McHenry

The end of September Councillor McHenry attended the Ovar’coming Together’s “Turning the Canal Teal” event.  This event was to help educate people about ovarian cancer.  Pictured with Councillor Janice McHenry is a constituent who is on the board of Ovar’coming Together. 

“Roundabout Driving Academy”

Speedway Redevelopment Commission hosted a “Roundabout Driving Academy” on Nov. 8th.  Cones were set up to resemble the new roundabout with signs placed for the streets.  Participants were able to drive golf carts on the course and learn how to navigate various directions.  Councillor McHenry tried out the course as well as many others.

“Coffee with the Cops”

“Coffee with the Cops” was held at the Starbucks on 56th Street near the end of October.  It was extremely well attended by many of the residents in the area, along with officers from the Northwest District IMPD and ended up “spilling over” into the bank.  Those in attendance had the chance to talk with […]


Halloween was cold and wet, but it was warm and dry inside the Lions Club’s building in Clermont.  The activities were all moved inside for the evening, and some of the Lions Club Members and Councillor McHenry took time out to  have their picture.   The highlight of the evening is always the Costume Contest.  […]


Dear All, I know that there are still a lot of questions as well as confusion over what the Homestead Credit is and is not.  (The Homestead Credit IS NOT your $45,000 Homestead Deduction.  These are TWO separate items.)  Below is information along with a link that tells more about not only the Homestead Credit, […]

Crime report

Dear All, Attached are the Crime Reports for the months of May and June.  Please take a look at the maps for both months.  It seems this year we have had a month that is “high” in incidents followed by a month that is “low” – no consistency in direction.  I know that we would […]