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Dear All,I thought many of you would like to see the information that was provided to the press from the Parks Department about the Deer Management Program.  Besides the information below, there is also an article in today’s Indianapolis Star on starting on page A3 about the deer hunt and the future of the program.  I know I have had quite a few questions asked about the amount of deer that the Wounded Warriors Outdoors removed, the amount of meat that was donated to the local food banks, and what is to be done in the future.  I hope that from the article below and the one in the newspaper today that most of your questions will be answered.Just for your information, I am one of the 19 councillors who voted for the ordinance that passed the Council Monday evening, so that future hunts would need to come before the Council and not just the appointed Parks Board.  Hopefully this will allow for Councillors who represent this area to know more about what is going on in advance,  as well as having more public meetings that allow for you to not only be informed, but to ask questions as well.Sincerely,

Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6

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December 02, 2014

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Initial Phase of Eagle Creek Deer Management Program Yields 4,800 Pounds for Food Pantries

INDIANAPOLIS- The Indianapolis Department of Parks and Recreation today released a summary from the initial phase of the Eagle Creek Deer Management Program that was completed last weekend. The operation by Wounded Warrior Outdoors resulted in the safe reduction of the deer herd and donation of approximately 4,800 pounds of venison to local pantries.

Deer have decimated numerous native plant and wildflower species in the park and have caused significant damage to the forest understory. This damage is eliminating food sources for the deer and other species, destroying habitat for birds and compromising the forest’s ability to regenerate. By taking action, the Parks Department will be able to reevaluate the area and make long term management plans.

“Being able to safely reduce the deer population at Eagle Creek Park was necessary to ensure a sustainable future for Eagle Creek Park and all species that call it home,” said John Williams, Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation. “Partnering with the Wounded Warriors and donating the venison allowed us to work with local partners and make healthy meat available for the community.”

Wounded Warrior Outdoors utilized 23 participants, including 11 local disabled veterans. All activities in the park were concluded on Sunday, November 30 and the park reopened the following day. The deer management plan removed 142 deer from the park (31 bucks and 111 does). The Wounded Warrior Outdoor participants kept the venison from 27 deer for personal use. The remaining venison, approximately 4,800 pounds, will be donated to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc.

“We can’t begin to express how grateful we are to receive donations stemming from community partnerships like these,” said Cindy Hubert, President /CEO of Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. “Food donations that focus on nutrition are exceptional, especially those that focus on high quality protein products like venison. We are truly thankful for all involved in this project for helping in the fight against hunger.”

This was the beginning phase of the City’s Deer Management Program. There is a second reduction planned that will be coordinated with the USDA at a later date. This will focus on the west side of the park, as this initial culling was confined to the east side of the park. The USDA will also provide recommendations for the long term deer management plan for the park.

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