“Festival of Trees”

The “Festival of Trees” is still going on (through Jan. 4th) at the Indiana Historical Society.  If you have not been, it is well worth the trip.  There are 92 trees this year, and I did have my favorites.

While a bit different of what we think of a tree being, “Rocketing Around the Christmas Tree” presented by the Staff and Students of Neil Armstrong Elementary School in Mooresville was my number one choice.

Penguins are my favorite animal, so I was partial to “Penguin Pose” presented by the Indianapolis Zoo.

 While this may look more traditional (after all it is green), the “Daniel’s Vineyard Christmas Pawty” presented by Daniel’s Family Vineyard & Winery is actually made from rows of wine bottles with lights inside.



While there were lots of more traditional trees with a variety of themes and types of ornaments, the unique ones caught my eye.  “All Doors lead to Christmas” presented by Two Chicks and a Hammer was made from doors but still had plenty of  garland and Christmas decor.

#5654 – And then there is “Pipin’ Around the Christmas Tree” presented by Citizens Energy Group.  Take a look at the base of the tree.  Hope many of you can go and enjoy all the trees throughout the building before they are packed away.  I am sure that you will have your favorites as well.

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