Eagle Creek Park has a lot to offer during the month of May

Dear All,

Eagle Creek Park has a lot to offer during the month of May in the way of different programs and activities. The Weekly Recurring Programs are on four different days of the week with various times as well. There are programs that are perfect for preschoolers and elementary aged children, as well as programs that are of great interest for adults. Don’t miss out on the 3rd Annual Bird Fest, which will be from May 10th – 16th and has a very busy schedule of events. So check out the attached calendar, as well as the description of the programs, and take advantage of being able to learn more about nature, especially our feathered friends this month.

Please note that many of the free programs (with park admission) still require registration. If a program has an * or says pre-registration required, you do need to sign up in advance. Also, face masks are required for all naturalist led indoor and outdoor programs.

Hope you will visit our Eagle Creek Park often. It is such a terrific asset to our area.


Janice McHenry



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