Dandy Trail and Crawfordsville Road,

Dear All,

This evening we had a very pleasant surprise as we noticed the signs were down at the intersection of Dandy Trail and Crawfordsville Road, so we headed north. The bridge on Dandy Trail over I – 74 was OPEN!!! I have attached a picture that I took. It looks like they have some cleanup work to do along the edges and need to finish taking away equipment and signs – but it looks like we do not have to detour any longer! I know that many of you have been asking about when the bridge was going to open. I had not been able to get a specific answer from INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) except by the end of September, and didn’t want to get out any information until I was sure. After having the opportunity to drive over it myself this evening, I definitely wanted to share my experience with you. Hope many of you find this very helpful as it seems we no longer have to detour or have the additional traffic in certain areas.


Janice McHenry

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