Several of you have asked about voting locations this year.

Dear All,

Several of you have asked about voting locations this year.  If you have friends in Hendricks County you may know that they send out the voting locations in their county with the property tax statement.  This is very helpful for those who live out there.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we had the same or similar information in our property tax bill?  Anyway, I have gone to the “Indy Votes” website and have come up with the following locations that are close to those of you who lived in my old Council District.  Please note that many of the locations that we had 4 years ago are no longer sites, so look over this list before you go to vote on Tuesday.  I’ve included some that you may drive past on your way to work or other activities.

Pike Township:

Pike Township Station #62 – 7002 Lafayette Road

Eagle Creek Community Church – 5943 Lafayette Road

Snacks Crossing Elementary School – 5455 W. 56th Street

Eagle Creek Elementary School – 6905 W. 46th Street

Eagle Creek Golf Training Building – 8802 W. 56th Street


North Wayne Elementary – 6950 W. 34th Street

John Knox Presbyterian Church – 3000 N. High School Road

Speedway High School – 5357 W. 25th Street

Speedway Municipal Center – 5300 W. Crawfordsville Road

Wayne Township Fire Station #85 – 7981 W. Crawfordsville Road

Ben Davis High School – 1200 N. Girls School Road (building way back by sports fields)

Westside Church of the Nazarene – 8610 W. 10th Street

Clermont Lions Club Park – 3201 Tansel Road

The ones that I have in bold are ones that through my experience have the quickest voting and easy parking.  I have always heard good things about these three as well from voters.

I would like to remind you once again that if you are voting Republican in the Primary and you are in Indiana State Delegate District 1, I would appreciate your vote (Janice Shattuck McHenry).  You may vote up to 5 (out of 27), but you can vote for any number between 1 – 5.  I would suggest that you do not vote for people you do not know and are not familiar with.  I do not know over 1/2 of these people, know nothing about them, and don’t know why they are interested in attending the State Republican Convention to vote for Attorney General and Lt. Governor.  

Also, if you live in Pike Precinct 41, I would not only appreciate your vote for Indiana State Delegate, but also to be your Precinct Committeeman.  

Thanks so much and I may see you when you go to vote on Tuesday, May 7th.


Janice Shattuck McHenry

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