Dear All,

As February draws to a close, March is almost here, and April is not far away – it is getting that time for “The Great Indy Cleanup” sponsored by KIB (Keep Indianapolis Beautiful).  The days are getting longer, we even have had some weather that has been very pleasant being outside, and as you may have been out more I am sure you have noticed the amount of trash and debris along many of our roadways, around bridges, in medians, by our parks, and in other areas.  While it is unfortunate that people litter or are careless with their trash, it is not going to disappear on its own.  That is where “The Great Indy Cleanup” comes in.  Many organizations and neighborhoods are already planning a day to get folks together to clean up an area.  We need a lot more neighborhoods, churches, clubs, businesses, and other organizations to take an interest in an area and get folks involved.  If many more groups would sign up to participate we can make a difference.

KIB has divided Indianapolis into 4 areas and assigned a Saturday in April for each area.  They will provide gloves and trash bags to each organization that signs up.  The day that has been assigned to the west side this year is April 16th.  However, you do not have to do your cleanup on that day.  There are groups in which that day does not fit into their schedule.  Not a problem – the main thing is that it does get done.  I have attached the flyer from KIB for the cleanup.  If you would like more information, go to  They even have information on How to Plan, Clean up Tips, and information about Trash on this site.  You can sign up on their web site or contact Lauren Wright by email at or call her at 264-7555, extension 116.

I would like to encourage you to help.  If you are a neighborhood leader, help get a group together and clean an area around your neighborhood.  If you are an officer in a club, get a group together and clean an area close to where you meet or a street or road that you notice needs a little TLC.  Get a group together from your church to do an area.  You could even do a couple of hours after church on Sunday, it does not have to be done on a Saturday.  Don’t forget about your place of employment.  A group of people from where you work helping either close to where you work or going to an area close by would really be beneficial.  You might even consider doing a half hour or so on your lunch hour for several days.  What a world of difference that could make.

Want to do something on your own, on your own time?  If you walk your dog, or walk for exercise, take a plastic grocery bag with you.  Fill it up every time you are out.  While it may not seem like a lot, if enough people did this, and continued to do this every time they are out, over a few weeks we would notice a huge difference.

I know we are all tired of seeing trash and litter along our streets, roads, etc.  If everyone would do something to help, we could make District 6 the shining example of our City.  If you plan a cleanup, please let me know.  If available I will be glad to come help.  I also would be happy to help you promote it if you would like.  Together we can make a difference.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6



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