During June, the Garfield Park Arts Center is having a special exhibit – The Many Lives of Garfield.


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With our State’s Bicentennial this year there are a lot of special ways in which we can not only celebrate but also learn more about people, places, and “things” that have a Hoosier connection.  During June, the Garfield Park Arts Center is having a special exhibit – The Many Lives of Garfield.  Learn more about this world-wide popular cat and how his Indiana creator, Jim Davis, brings him “to life” in the comics and other places you see him.  Don’t you find it interesting that “Garfield the Cat” is going to be at “Garfield Park”?  Don’t think they are related, but easy to remember where to go to see this great exhibit!

Besides the exhibit there are art classes being offered this month at the Garfield Park Arts Center.  Please check out both attachments for more information on what else is happening during June at the Garfield Park Arts Center.


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Arts Center News: May 22-June 4
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The Many Lives of Garfield 
June 4-25

Opening Reception:

Saturday, June 4
FreeOn June 19, 1978, Garfield the Cat appeared in comic strips for the first time. The adventures of this lazy lasagna-loving cat and his friends has since thrilled and delighted audiences worldwide. Garfield was created by Muncie, Indiana artist Jim Davis and is licensed by his company Paws, Inc., located just outside the city.  Since then, Garfield has reached over 111 countries and appears in 2,100 newspapers – making it the most widely syndicated comic in the world. The illustration process, from rough to blue line drawings, inking, and coloring, will be showcased in this special exhibition. Original sketches and drawings, including final comic strips, calendars, stuffed animals, and various products, will be on display. Join us for this Garfield extravaganza and see how this cat has evolved to become a hugely popular character!
Arts for All
Flip Book AnimationJune 4-25

Design your own short cartoon! Join us for a lesson in 2-D animation by learning how drawings can be made to look like they are in motion. Craft a flip book and watch your fun scene over and over again.

Cartoon Drawing Class
with Duane KingSaturdays
June 4-July 9
$75 – 6 classes
Ages 8-12
Course #10515
Register Here
For cartoon lovers who are eager to express themselves creatively and have FUN in the process! In this drawing class for kids, students will learn about cartooning, and use pencil, pen, and a wide variety of art materials. They will explore their imagination to create unique and personal works of art. 
Movies on the Lawn

Saturday, May 28
FreeIndy Parks presents: Movies on the Lawn. Each month will feature a movie that is greater and grander than the one before it! Bring lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy a movie under the stars. No tickets required. Movies are shown on the lawn behind the Garfield Park Arts Center and start at dusk. 

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