Dear All,

Today in several of our neighborhoods in District 6 we had a lot of theft from mailboxes.  The thieves were going around to what seems to be mailboxes that  had their flags up and had mail to be picked up.  They were either opening the mail, going through it, and then throwing it on the ground or taking it all together.  I also know of at least one package that was  gone through and the box found later.  It appears they are looking for money, gift cards, etc.  Please make sure that you do not put anything that is of value to be mailed in your mailbox.  The vehicle involved has been described as a small, dark dull- gray pickup truck.  If you see anything suspicious, call 911 immediately.

Also, remember that thieves will sometimes follow the UPS or FedEx trucks and then if folks are not at home steal the packages.  Watch for strange vehicles in your neighborhoods and again if something looks suspicious, call 911.  It is a shame that we have to worry about our mail and packages, but it seems to be hitting our area pretty hard at present.

Wish I did not have to send out emails like this, but it appears that this type of theft is a problem right now.  Hopefully, if we are all vigilant, take extra precautions, and are aware of what is going on around us we can help to deter crime.  And if something does not look right to you, call 911.


Janice McHenry
City-County Councillor District 6


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