“Back to School” supplies

Dear All,
Have you noticed that stores are getting out their “Back to School” supplies?  Seen an ad?  The new school year is fast approaching, as many schools do start the end of this month.  This should be an exciting time for boys and girls:  a new grade, different teacher, seeing what old friends are in their class and meeting new classmates, preparing to learn new things, and having those all important school supplies to do their best.  Do you remember growing up how proud you were of that brand new box of crayons?  However, there are many parents who have trouble buying the needed school supplies to get off to a good start.  Some parents may have so many other things on their minds they put off getting those supplies.  Maybe they just don’t realize how important those supplies are to help their child do their best.  Once again I have partnered up with Eagle Creek Park to collect supplies through August 11th.  Donations may be made at the gatehouses for Eagle Creek Park (56th Street Entrance or 71st Street Entrance) or inside the Earth Discovery Center.  You do not have to enter the park to drop off supplies.  The gatehouses are open from early morning until 9 p.m. each day.  All the supplies collected will be given to the local schools that serve District 6 to be distributed by their staff to the students who need them the most.  I would like to encourage you the next time you are in a store to pick up a few school supply items and bring them to Eagle Creek Park.  Most stores have lists of supplies for various grades to give ideas for items to purchase.  Help bring a smile to some boys and girls and help get them off to a better start for the 2019 school year.Please feel free to forward this to others who may not be receiving my emails and help encourage others to participate in helping out some students in our area have their needed school supplies.


Janice McHenry

City-County Councillor District 6

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