Wayne Township Education Foundation

Dear All,

In preparation for the Total Eclipse over Indianapolis next Monday, the Wayne Township Education Foundation (with Schmidt Associates for help funding) is providing 2 pairs of glasses and information for each student in their system.  They also provided glasses to some other groups in the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township.  I have been fortunate to receive this information, and scanned it to share with you.  It not only has some great information about the eclipse, timing, instructions for use of the safe solar filter glasses, but also how to get more information and activities.  I hope that you find this very useful as our area experiences this once in a lifetime chance to be in the direct path of the total eclipse.

Remember that they are expecting huge crowds being out that day and an influx of visitors to our area.  If you have to be on streets or roads allow extra time and make sure you have a full tank of gas before heading out.  With so many places, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Eagle Creek Park, Newfields, other museums and organizations hosting Eclipse Events, traffic will be heavy.  Think ahead.

Have a safe, enjoyable, and educational Total Eclipse day!


Janice McHenry    

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